We are confirmed to play at the Day of the Dead party at the Glasgow Art School, Friday 1st Nov 2013

Last night, with the help of studio magician Thomas the Search Engine, we put down two tracks at Headhunter Studios in Glasgow. It was a tough call on which tunes to record but we settled on our arrangement of Pinduca’s insane cachaça song Vamos Farrear and our version of the Nacao Pernambuco maracatu, Aguas do Mundo das Aguas, otherwise known as Lei Lei Lei Lei. Early listenbacks sounded promising so now it’s off to Tam’s studio to get a final mix. We’ll post the results as soon as possible.

We seem to have pulled quite a decent crowd! It was great, you could hardly move in the street for people bobbing away to samba reggae tunes. The Glasgow street party was a roaring success in general and we were pretty happy with our set to. Thanks to the organisers for putting it all together, it’s so nice to see a community event going this well and so well attended.

The gig at the Grand Ole Opry was a roaring success and what an amazing venue to play at!

In support of the glorious Colonel Mustard and the Dijon 5. Grand Ole Opry. Kinning Park. Be there.

Banda71 will be playing at the 2012 Gibson Street Gala on Sunday 17th June at 1pm. This is a great wee community event for all the family right in the heart of the West End with absolutely loads going on and Gibson Street closed to traffic and open to fun! Especially important since the West End Festival parade has been cancelled this year. (Have you signed the petition?).


Here is the Gibson Street Gala website.

Banda71 are confirmed for this year’s Knockengorroch Festival. A real gem in the beautiful hills of  southern Scotland with an organic line up to die for and too many special aspects to list. Come and join the fun of the World Cailidh with DJ Hype, Red Snapper, Utah Saints, the Skatallites and loads more.  Check out the website at


Banda71 will be joining forces with Hidden Orchestra, Mungo’s Hi-Fi and Captain Slackship’s Mezzanine Allstars in a charity gig to raise money for the millions of starving people in the Horn of Africa region.

Wed 5th Oct, 7.30 – Stereo, Glasgow

The world’s worst food crisis is happening in east Africa, right now.
12 million people are facing a desperate crisis caused by prolonged drought, soaring food prices and conflict.
In the space of 3 months, 30,000 children died in Somalia. The United Nations has formally declared a famine.
The situation is getting worse and we urgently need to act now, to save lives.
Yet there is a severe shortfall in UK donations.

Let’s help.

We’re putting on a fundraiser gig night at Stereo (Renfield Lane, Glasgow) on Wednesday 5th October, 2011. 7-12pm.
With Mungos Hi Fi, Hidden Orchestra, Captain Slackship’s Mezzannine Allstars & Banda 71,
VJ’s, DJs and other special guests, it’s going to be a great night.
£10 a ticket. All money raised goes to the Red Cross East Africa Food Crisis Appeal.

Tickets at the link below;

Please come!
Please tell everyone you know!
Please help us to help

Glasgow Pagodé Weekend 2

Following the great success of last year’s pagode weekend, here’s the second helping! Please help spread the word.

A dedicated pagode weekend in Glasgow  30 sept – 2nd Oct.

Classes in percussion (pandeiro, tan-tan, rebolo, tamborim, reco-reco, cuica, repique de mao etc.) Cavaquinho, Brazilian guitar, and singing.

Friday – welcome pagode session in Boteco do Brasil (free)
Saturday – Workshops all day, evening pagode in Boteco (free)
Sunday – Workshops all day, evening gig at Classic Grand with Rhythms of the City and Sambayabamba. (price tbc)

Tutors – Bosco de Oliveira, Barak Schmool, Laurie Blundell,

Level requirement:
Percussion – some experience of samba percussion is required.
Cavaquinho/Guitar – at least some experience on guitar required.
Singing – No experience required

Instruments – There will be some percussion instruments available to borrow, but you should try to bring your own if you can.  Cavaquinho/guitar players need to bring their own instrument.

Cost – £50

Venue – Kinning park complex, cornwall st, kinning park, Glasgow.. Opposite Kinning park underground

to book a place or for any questions contact:

This is an alfaia. It, and others like it,  are the source of the earth shattering bass in Maracatu rhythms. The carnival style from Recifé in the north-east of Brazil.

We turned up at practice one night to discover that this particular alfaia was missing. We racked our brains as to where it could be and rang just about everyone we knew but still couldn’t trace it.

Eventually however, it showed up in Manchester! The cheeky wee drum had stowed away in the van of Juba do Leão when they had been up in Glasgow playing at the West End Festival Showcase. So we know it’s there, but how to get it back from Manchester?!! If anybody is driving from there to here at any point in the next month or so please give us a shout and offer your courier services. You will be rewarded – in heaven.