One of our Alfaias is missing!

This is an alfaia. It, and others like it,  are the source of the earth shattering bass in Maracatu rhythms. The carnival style from Recifé in the north-east of Brazil.

We turned up at practice one night to discover that this particular alfaia was missing. We racked our brains as to where it could be and rang just about everyone we knew but still couldn’t trace it.

Eventually however, it showed up in Manchester! The cheeky wee drum had stowed away in the van of Juba do Leão when they had been up in Glasgow playing at the West End Festival Showcase. So we know it’s there, but how to get it back from Manchester?!! If anybody is driving from there to here at any point in the next month or so please give us a shout and offer your courier services. You will be rewarded – in heaven.